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PIA Palazzina Indiano Arte__Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza Virgilio Sieni

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE / 25 september > 10 october 2021 
SOLO EXHIBITION / 9 > 20 october 2021
Performance of everyday life

In silence, walking in the nature alone reminds me that my body is a part of nature. Contacting with nature and coexisting is an important ritual to awaken strength in me to start creating my artworks.

1 人静かに自然のなかを歩くことは「カラダは自然のいちぶ」である感覚を蘇らせてくれます。自然に触れ、彼らの呼吸、時間軸を深く観察し 共存することは、創作を始める前に原点回帰できる、私にとって大切な儀式の 1 つです。


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